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Let’s Find The Truth About Gillette Safety Razor Blade

Here we go over and over again, talking about shaving with a safety razor. Whether teen or adult, they need a razor to shave and groom their beards. Of course, if the beard growing. It’s rare to find people with a long beard. If it’s sexist, maybe that people have his own reason why he does that. Most of the men would like to groom the beard every time when they grow already. To help them while grooming, of course, they need a razor.
These days, you we can find a lot of razor models out there. Its also could find easily, since almost the market sold the razor. The product on the market almost the same. But the differences can find in quality, the battery, the come, and the length settings. In your current age, what razor you like the most? Where is it coming from? A lot of answers will emerge because you’ve been using many razors came from different brand.

One of the best razors existed is a Gillette safety razor blade. Why Gillette? Because of the performance, durability, and the result are awesome. Gilette safety razor blade can help you to get the precise, smooth, and close results. You also don’t need so much time to do shave. As long as the razor blades are not broken, you can tackle this kind of chore lightly.
You as pro perhaps knew about Gillette safety razor blade very well. Yeah, this brand kind of easy to find on the market. No matter how big or small the market is, I’m sure they stocked the Gillette razor for the customer. Gillette’s price tag also affordable. It will not ruin your pocket money. Spend at least $3 only, you can get the Gillette safety razor blade. Thus, use it to do shave.
Many blades from Gillette built in the same looks. The fact it is just a razor, right? There’s no significant difference about one to another razor from Gillette. But the quality and the price tag perhaps not the same. In this occasion, I will try to let you know about my best razors from Gillette. If you curious, read the article till the end.

1. 100 7 O'clock Double Edge Safety Razor Blades – by Gillette

7 O’clock double safety razor blades by Gillette well-known by people out there. This product also can find easily on the market. The packaging came up in a light green colour and guess what? You can get 100 blades if you purchase this 7 o’clock double razor blades by Gillette. As you can see in the picture, there are 5 tucks per line. Meanwhile, the line divided become 4 lines. And there are 20 tucks in total in one packaging. For the blades itself, the total is 100 blades because there are 5 blades per tuck.
How about the price tag? Well, it’s just for $17.75 after discount. The normal price tag is $21.79. Not totally matter if its in promo or not. Because the truth you can get 100 blades and you can change the blade every time after using.
All blades made of stainless steel which known a bit hard to rust. To maintain the blades, kindly don’t put the blades under running water frequently. I mean, after cleaning up the blade, please dry it with a towel. Thus, keep the blade inside your stash or box. If you want to use the same blade next time, you can dump the blade. It is up to you.
Gillette safety razor blades in 7 o’clock model are one of man's fave. It became their fave because of the result no in doubt. Gillette can do the best to groom the beard and providing close and smooth results.

2. Double Edge Men's Razor Blade, Platinum Plus, 9 Count, Mens Razors / Blades – by Gillette

Gillette platinum plus double edge blade is the next Gillette safety razor blades. It came up in silver packaging and the blade itself in silver colour. As you can see in the picture, this blade isn’t the same as the previous product. In this model, there is one blade only inside, not 100.
The silver colour built-in suitable for who loves the classic model. The quality still no doubt, it delivers also the close and smooth results. Moreover, this type fits all double razor. It means, you still can use the razor into another brand, not only Gillette. As long as this Gillette platinum next to you, you’re able to get the best result.
Gillette founded in 1901. It’s been so long, more than 10 decades already. But the popularity and existence still the same until now. People still love Gillette and have chosen Gillette as their razor inside their shavers.

Things to Mind on Giving a Face Care

Having a beauty and health skin face is a dream for every girl. Therefore, many girls do the easiest treatment to get it, face care. In taking face care for yourself there are some important points you should know. What are they? Find the answer by never stop scrolling down this article until the bottom.
Get Into a Routine of Cleansing It. A routine face care is the key of how to take care of your face. Giving maximum treatment only when you remember to do so is a bad choice. Instead, you can just do an easy face care like applying a facial wash every day.

Take Care of Facial Hair

As a man, caring about face care is not a wrong thing to do. Moreover, if you are the type who likes to grow beard. There are some important points you need to consider when you want to maintain a good look while still defending your freedom of growing facial hair.

1. Beard is also facial hair that needs a correct treatment. Some of us might still giving soap to clean them. But actually, shampoo is the best product to prevent them of getting fragile.
2. Shampoos always accompanied by conditioner. Therefore, when you shampoo your beard, it means that you should give them conditioner. It will help your beard from not getting too stiff.
3. Giving treatment to beard also means that you should use the correct tools. One correct choice to take care your edge of beard in your face is by using an electric trimmer. On the other hand, if you are interested to shape the bulk, scissor and combs are the right tools you can use.


If you wonder about how to take care of face skin, moisturizer will come as one of the answers. If you have redness problem with your skin, always remember when choosing a moisturizer for your skin, you need to ensure that the product does not contain alcohol, witch hazel, peppermint, menthol, or eucalyptus oil. If your skin type is the oily one, then you need to choose a light gel based for your skin. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, choose the one that contains mineral oil which is helpful for your cracked skin.

Make Sure to Drink Lots of Water

Water has a big role to your face care. Water is actually the natural face care routine that you can do easily. There are some benefits you can gain from drinking water.
1. First, it is important to gain the moisture on your skin. The substance in water will show your skin elasticity. In other words, it helps the delay process of aging. Therefore, water can be the replacement of your anti-aging face care. It is not just enhancing the complexion of your skin, but this easy face care could also give you supple skin.
2. If you are worrying about wrinkles or eczema, drinking water is just the easy face care you ca do to avoid them. Water is also a useful weapon to drive toxins out of our body. In result, it will increase our metabolic and digestive system. By this process, we could also maintain a healthy and glowing skin from just doing this effortless face care.
3. Many people might do not know yet, but actually there are impressive result that should be given from cold water. It could play as an amazing face care to eliminate redness on skin. When you apply it before putting on some make up, cold water could also give long lasting and greater effect to your face. It also can be used as a face care to fight acnes since cold water could tighten the pores then prevent them to be clogged.
4. If your skin is damage, you could also use cold water as your face care. You just need to soak your body on it for 2 until 3 minutes. Cold water will help to revitalize the skin. But too long exposure of your skin to cold water could leads to the loss of natural oils. So it will be better for you not to take too long time in bathing with cold water.

Take Care of Your Lips

Discussing about face care is not complete when it did not talk about the lips. The treatment to have beautiful lips is actually starting in the morning. Some people might not know yet but there is an easy way to gain healthy lips during their teeth brush time. What you need to do is just rub your lips with the brush softly. It will help to remove the dry skin out from your lips. You could also give a gentle massage to increase the blood flow. The application of honey for your lips masker is also a brilliant choice. Honey contains many substances that is needed to maintain healthy lips. By doing this treatment, you will get reddish lips.

3 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats in 2019

Hand embroidery was a popular thing back then and now it is still popular. But if you do the embroidery for producing a mass product then you will need a machine. The technology in this modern era allows us to be creative and fast at the same time by providing embroidery machine, specifically for hat.

When you go shopping to buy an embroidery machine, there are several qualities you should check before you buy, such as:
• Great capacity of memory so the mostly-used designs can be saved;
• Stitches rate per minute will be the next consideration because higher rates mean faster result;
• Capability of editing is one of the features from the newest technology;
• Good reviews from users;
• Sophisticated features like auto cutter for thread so the process of embroidery will be really smooth.

We have several brands of best embroidery machine for hats and we also give you the review for your consideration.


CAMFive is like one of the best commercial machines for embroidery especially if you want to start your business. The command is very easy and intuitive and everything you need can be input through the touch-screen panel. Besides, there are also some special effects for your work. Producing embroidered hats will be as easy as typing on computer. The price starts from USD 8,000.

Features are such as:
• Touch-screen panel with multitask ability;
• Supporting USB port;
• Supports files such as .dsz, .dst, and.dsb;
• Able to use 15 colors in 15 needles at one time;
• Large field for embroidery;
• Various embroidering styles;
• Built-in memory up to 16 million of stitches;
• Able to embroider up to 1,200 in one minute;
• Sensor of thread break;
• Tool kit.

Janome MB-4N

Janome is offered for passionate hobbyist or business used. So, if you want to use it at home or for producing commercial products then you may consider this. The price starts from USD 4,999. The notable features such as:
• Ready for both home and commercial uses;
• It works with most formats of embroidery;
• Able to use 4 needles at once’
• LCD screen with backlit;
• Thread cutter with automatic mode;
• Compatible for USB memory key;
• Supports card port for ATA PC;
• Able to stitch up to 650 stitches;
• Provides 100 designs of pre-programmed;
• 3 fonts available;
• Supports editing;
• Multi-language options.

Brother PE770

Even though it is pretty affordable, only USD 1,999, you can get interesting features. The machine is user friendly and the users give 4.5 of 5. The notable features are such as:
• Embroidering field is available for 5 x 7-inch;
• The display screen is backlit LCD;
• Available built-in design up to 136 designs;
• 6 options for fonts;
• Supports the port for memory and USB;
• Extensive editing is available;
• Auto cutter of thread;
• Intuitive command;
• Limited warranty up to 25 years.

From the list, Brother PE770 is simply the best choice from all available options. Even though the price is more affordable, the features are interesting and worth to have. Whether you are someone who loves embroidery as a hobby or making it as a business, you need to give the machines a look. Check more on bestembroiderymachine.

Braun Series Best Electric Saver for Black Men

It is true that some men may expensive unpleasant and painful shaving experience due to some factors. Black men are those who often deal with such issues during shaving because of their facial hair’s particularities. These factors are always significant to consider and thankfully some best electric shaver options are particularly designed to tackle those issues.
Common Shaving Problems for Black Men

Black men are often more affected with painful shaving compared to American men. Curly coarse hair is the main reason especially because of the fact that this hair tends to become ingrown so the shaving may lead to irritation and painful razor bumps. Razor bump occurs every time the hair curls back and grows into the skin instead of out of the skin. It is usually due to close shaving. When the hair grows into the skin, it is seen as foreign object and causes the body to response by forming inflammation. Some cases are pretty serious and men should see dermatologist for cure.
Qualities of Best Electric Shaver for African American Men

There are typical characteristics of best electric shaver suitable for black men like the following :
• Ideal for wiry, flat lying and curly hairs
Black men typically are born with wiry, flay lying and curly hairs so the shaver should be ideal for shaving such hair. Therefore, the ideal shaver should be able to lift the hair before cutting it straight. And, it should also be able to cut longer hairs growing in random directions.

• Sharp blades and fast motor
Dull blades causing tugging and pulling are definitely not ideal qualities for black men shaver. Instead, sharp blades and fast motor are what the men need. These qualities offer smooth and fast shave with less pressure. And, the shaver will not get hot too easily during operation. Particularly for black men with sensitive skin, it is important to regularly change the foil and blades.

• Dry and wet shaving capabilities
These qualities are not must but are great if you can get them. Multiple capabilities can improve shaving experience and provide better closeness and more comfort.

Braun Series 5090cc

The previous series of Braun, the 5090cc has still become a popular option today. This particular product makes a compelling option offered at very good price. Its replacement parts are also cheaper compared to those of Braun Series 7 and 9. During operation, this shaver is capable to provide excellent and gentle shaving performance even for sensitive skin. And, it also has capabilities of wet and dry shaving operation to add into its flexibility. If you wish to buy it together with Automatic Charge and Clean station, the shaver will be a lot easier to use and maintain.

Braun Series 7865cc

Popular Braun Series 7865cc is known for having both wet and dry capabilities which make it ideal best electric shaver for black men. Before the Braun Series 9 is sold in the market, this series is the most popular one. Its main features include the ActiveLift system to lift and cut the wiry flat lying hairs with ease. Cutting hair that grows at angle isn’t a difficult task for this shaver. Meanwhile, its micro pulsation technology has become the reason of the fact the shaver is capable to provide gentle massage-like shaving. Its charging and cleaning station uses solution based in alcohol so the cleaning is a lot easier.

Braun Series 9290cc

The Braun Series 9290cc definitely fall into the necessary qualities of best electric shaver for black men. This particular shaver is now the greatest and latest product from Braun. It is even claim to be a better deal compared to the Braun Series 7. Some of its main features include more powerful motor, additional cutting element for cutting flat lying longer hairs and more advanced shaving head. All these features combined together to offer more capable shavers with comfortable shaving. Its price is a bit more expensive but is worth to buy.
With three different series of Braun of best electric shaver, you have more options to choose to get the best shaving experience. Each series has its own pros and cons so you should choose based on your preference and need.

Important Parts of Best Electric Shaver You Must Know

Best electric shaver is determined by the features installed there. Before choosing one of them, you need to know first the characteristic of the best electric shavers. Try to match the product you want to buy with the characteristics below.
Foil Cutting Blades. The reason why best electric shaver is using foil cutting blade is because it covers various contours well. The foil will glide well in any kind of contour. This is also because the position of the cutters in which it is oscillated behind a perforated screen. In fact, some of the electric shavers with foil cutting blade system are better than electric shavers with rotary.

Rotary Cutting Blades

Electric shaver with rotary cutting blades is different on the total of the floating heads. Electric shaver with foil cutting blade has only one floating head. On the other hand, electric shaver with rotary cutting blade has three or four floating heads. The function is the same to make the rotary glides well in the various contours. How about the position of the cutter? The position of the cutter is behind the fine grid. The cutter is spin behind the fine grid to support the performance of the rotary. The best part of electric shaver with rotary cutting blades is on its quieter sound. Moreover, you can also easily clean the rotary in which it is different than the foil cutting blade which a little bit difficult to clean.

Battery Chargers
The best electric shaver is supported by a well battery life. In a normal battery life condition, the electric shaver can be used from 1 hour up to 12 hours. That’s why most of best electric shavers are perfect for travelers or people who often go for business trips. The reason is because you can use the shaver for up to seven shaves. Even, some of the models are great for urgent condition in which the devices can be charged for 5 minutes only than you can use it just like before.

Shut off System
Shut off system is strongly related to the battery. Most of best electric shavers are supported by automatic shutoff system. By using this kind of system, the shaver will be turned off automatically when the battery is fully charged. This system is great especially if you tend to go outside and you can’t pull the plug as soon as possible. Just remember that overcharging might give negative impact to the battery life.

Battery Warning
The next characteristic is still connected to battery. You have to check whether the electric shavers have battery warning system or not. Definitely, you have to buy an electric shaver which is supported by battery warning system. By using this warning indicator, you know the time to recharge the battery. Recharging the battery on the right time is useful to keep the performance of the battery itself.

Corded or Cordless

If you want to find the best electric shaver, try to find a shaver which can be used corded or cordless. The simple reason is about its simplicity. You can use the shaver anytime you want. You just need to plug the cord if you want to use it while recharging the battery. On the other hand, you can unplug the cord if the battery if fully recharged or in the case that there is no plug power.

Easy to Clean
The different between the best electric shaver and the low quality electric shavers is on the way to clean the shaver itself. Just make sure that you buy an easy to clean electric shaver. Even, some of them best shavers are using self cleaning system. The system works by pumping the liquid to the cutter. The cost is expensive but worth it for those who love to use something simple.

Wet and Dry Shaving Ability
Most of electric shavers are designed for dry shaving but some of them are for both. If you love to shave anytime you see unwanted hairs around your beard, choose wet and dry electric shaver for the best option on gazblogs.
Now, you know the characteristics of best electric shaver. What you have to do is choosing the shavers selectively so you can really get the best electric shaver for maximal result.