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Important Parts of Best Electric Shaver You Must Know

Best electric shaver is determined by the features installed there. Before choosing one of them, you need to know first the characteristic of the best electric shavers. Try to match the product you want to buy with the characteristics below.
Foil Cutting Blades. The reason why best electric shaver is using foil cutting blade is because it covers various contours well. The foil will glide well in any kind of contour. This is also because the position of the cutters in which it is oscillated behind a perforated screen. In fact, some of the electric shavers with foil cutting blade system are better than electric shavers with rotary.

Rotary Cutting Blades

Electric shaver with rotary cutting blades is different on the total of the floating heads. Electric shaver with foil cutting blade has only one floating head. On the other hand, electric shaver with rotary cutting blade has three or four floating heads. The function is the same to make the rotary glides well in the various contours. How about the position of the cutter? The position of the cutter is behind the fine grid. The cutter is spin behind the fine grid to support the performance of the rotary. The best part of electric shaver with rotary cutting blades is on its quieter sound. Moreover, you can also easily clean the rotary in which it is different than the foil cutting blade which a little bit difficult to clean.

Battery Chargers
The best electric shaver is supported by a well battery life. In a normal battery life condition, the electric shaver can be used from 1 hour up to 12 hours. That’s why most of best electric shavers are perfect for travelers or people who often go for business trips. The reason is because you can use the shaver for up to seven shaves. Even, some of the models are great for urgent condition in which the devices can be charged for 5 minutes only than you can use it just like before.

Shut off System
Shut off system is strongly related to the battery. Most of best electric shavers are supported by automatic shutoff system. By using this kind of system, the shaver will be turned off automatically when the battery is fully charged. This system is great especially if you tend to go outside and you can’t pull the plug as soon as possible. Just remember that overcharging might give negative impact to the battery life.

Battery Warning
The next characteristic is still connected to battery. You have to check whether the electric shavers have battery warning system or not. Definitely, you have to buy an electric shaver which is supported by battery warning system. By using this warning indicator, you know the time to recharge the battery. Recharging the battery on the right time is useful to keep the performance of the battery itself.

Corded or Cordless

If you want to find the best electric shaver, try to find a shaver which can be used corded or cordless. The simple reason is about its simplicity. You can use the shaver anytime you want. You just need to plug the cord if you want to use it while recharging the battery. On the other hand, you can unplug the cord if the battery if fully recharged or in the case that there is no plug power.

Easy to Clean
The different between the best electric shaver and the low quality electric shavers is on the way to clean the shaver itself. Just make sure that you buy an easy to clean electric shaver. Even, some of them best shavers are using self cleaning system. The system works by pumping the liquid to the cutter. The cost is expensive but worth it for those who love to use something simple.

Wet and Dry Shaving Ability
Most of electric shavers are designed for dry shaving but some of them are for both. If you love to shave anytime you see unwanted hairs around your beard, choose wet and dry electric shaver for the best option on gazblogs.
Now, you know the characteristics of best electric shaver. What you have to do is choosing the shavers selectively so you can really get the best electric shaver for maximal result.


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