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Braun Series Best Electric Saver for Black Men

It is true that some men may expensive unpleasant and painful shaving experience due to some factors. Black men are those who often deal with such issues during shaving because of their facial hair’s particularities. These factors are always significant to consider and thankfully some best electric shaver options are particularly designed to tackle those issues.
Common Shaving Problems for Black Men

Black men are often more affected with painful shaving compared to American men. Curly coarse hair is the main reason especially because of the fact that this hair tends to become ingrown so the shaving may lead to irritation and painful razor bumps. Razor bump occurs every time the hair curls back and grows into the skin instead of out of the skin. It is usually due to close shaving. When the hair grows into the skin, it is seen as foreign object and causes the body to response by forming inflammation. Some cases are pretty serious and men should see dermatologist for cure.
Qualities of Best Electric Shaver for African American Men

There are typical characteristics of best electric shaver suitable for black men like the following :
• Ideal for wiry, flat lying and curly hairs
Black men typically are born with wiry, flay lying and curly hairs so the shaver should be ideal for shaving such hair. Therefore, the ideal shaver should be able to lift the hair before cutting it straight. And, it should also be able to cut longer hairs growing in random directions.

• Sharp blades and fast motor
Dull blades causing tugging and pulling are definitely not ideal qualities for black men shaver. Instead, sharp blades and fast motor are what the men need. These qualities offer smooth and fast shave with less pressure. And, the shaver will not get hot too easily during operation. Particularly for black men with sensitive skin, it is important to regularly change the foil and blades.

• Dry and wet shaving capabilities
These qualities are not must but are great if you can get them. Multiple capabilities can improve shaving experience and provide better closeness and more comfort.

Braun Series 5090cc

The previous series of Braun, the 5090cc has still become a popular option today. This particular product makes a compelling option offered at very good price. Its replacement parts are also cheaper compared to those of Braun Series 7 and 9. During operation, this shaver is capable to provide excellent and gentle shaving performance even for sensitive skin. And, it also has capabilities of wet and dry shaving operation to add into its flexibility. If you wish to buy it together with Automatic Charge and Clean station, the shaver will be a lot easier to use and maintain.

Braun Series 7865cc

Popular Braun Series 7865cc is known for having both wet and dry capabilities which make it ideal best electric shaver for black men. Before the Braun Series 9 is sold in the market, this series is the most popular one. Its main features include the ActiveLift system to lift and cut the wiry flat lying hairs with ease. Cutting hair that grows at angle isn’t a difficult task for this shaver. Meanwhile, its micro pulsation technology has become the reason of the fact the shaver is capable to provide gentle massage-like shaving. Its charging and cleaning station uses solution based in alcohol so the cleaning is a lot easier.

Braun Series 9290cc

The Braun Series 9290cc definitely fall into the necessary qualities of best electric shaver for black men. This particular shaver is now the greatest and latest product from Braun. It is even claim to be a better deal compared to the Braun Series 7. Some of its main features include more powerful motor, additional cutting element for cutting flat lying longer hairs and more advanced shaving head. All these features combined together to offer more capable shavers with comfortable shaving. Its price is a bit more expensive but is worth to buy.
With three different series of Braun of best electric shaver, you have more options to choose to get the best shaving experience. Each series has its own pros and cons so you should choose based on your preference and need.


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