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3 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats in 2019

Hand embroidery was a popular thing back then and now it is still popular. But if you do the embroidery for producing a mass product then you will need a machine. The technology in this modern era allows us to be creative and fast at the same time by providing embroidery machine, specifically for hat.

When you go shopping to buy an embroidery machine, there are several qualities you should check before you buy, such as:
• Great capacity of memory so the mostly-used designs can be saved;
• Stitches rate per minute will be the next consideration because higher rates mean faster result;
• Capability of editing is one of the features from the newest technology;
• Good reviews from users;
• Sophisticated features like auto cutter for thread so the process of embroidery will be really smooth.

We have several brands of best embroidery machine for hats and we also give you the review for your consideration.


CAMFive is like one of the best commercial machines for embroidery especially if you want to start your business. The command is very easy and intuitive and everything you need can be input through the touch-screen panel. Besides, there are also some special effects for your work. Producing embroidered hats will be as easy as typing on computer. The price starts from USD 8,000.

Features are such as:
• Touch-screen panel with multitask ability;
• Supporting USB port;
• Supports files such as .dsz, .dst, and.dsb;
• Able to use 15 colors in 15 needles at one time;
• Large field for embroidery;
• Various embroidering styles;
• Built-in memory up to 16 million of stitches;
• Able to embroider up to 1,200 in one minute;
• Sensor of thread break;
• Tool kit.

Janome MB-4N

Janome is offered for passionate hobbyist or business used. So, if you want to use it at home or for producing commercial products then you may consider this. The price starts from USD 4,999. The notable features such as:
• Ready for both home and commercial uses;
• It works with most formats of embroidery;
• Able to use 4 needles at once’
• LCD screen with backlit;
• Thread cutter with automatic mode;
• Compatible for USB memory key;
• Supports card port for ATA PC;
• Able to stitch up to 650 stitches;
• Provides 100 designs of pre-programmed;
• 3 fonts available;
• Supports editing;
• Multi-language options.

Brother PE770

Even though it is pretty affordable, only USD 1,999, you can get interesting features. The machine is user friendly and the users give 4.5 of 5. The notable features are such as:
• Embroidering field is available for 5 x 7-inch;
• The display screen is backlit LCD;
• Available built-in design up to 136 designs;
• 6 options for fonts;
• Supports the port for memory and USB;
• Extensive editing is available;
• Auto cutter of thread;
• Intuitive command;
• Limited warranty up to 25 years.

From the list, Brother PE770 is simply the best choice from all available options. Even though the price is more affordable, the features are interesting and worth to have. Whether you are someone who loves embroidery as a hobby or making it as a business, you need to give the machines a look. Check more on bestembroiderymachine.


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