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Let’s Find The Truth About Gillette Safety Razor Blade

Here we go over and over again, talking about shaving with a safety razor. Whether teen or adult, they need a razor to shave and groom their beards. Of course, if the beard growing. It’s rare to find people with a long beard. If it’s sexist, maybe that people have his own reason why he does that. Most of the men would like to groom the beard every time when they grow already. To help them while grooming, of course, they need a razor.
These days, you we can find a lot of razor models out there. Its also could find easily, since almost the market sold the razor. The product on the market almost the same. But the differences can find in quality, the battery, the come, and the length settings. In your current age, what razor you like the most? Where is it coming from? A lot of answers will emerge because you’ve been using many razors came from different brand.

One of the best razors existed is a Gillette safety razor blade. Why Gillette? Because of the performance, durability, and the result are awesome. Gilette safety razor blade can help you to get the precise, smooth, and close results. You also don’t need so much time to do shave. As long as the razor blades are not broken, you can tackle this kind of chore lightly.
You as pro perhaps knew about Gillette safety razor blade very well. Yeah, this brand kind of easy to find on the market. No matter how big or small the market is, I’m sure they stocked the Gillette razor for the customer. Gillette’s price tag also affordable. It will not ruin your pocket money. Spend at least $3 only, you can get the Gillette safety razor blade. Thus, use it to do shave.
Many blades from Gillette built in the same looks. The fact it is just a razor, right? There’s no significant difference about one to another razor from Gillette. But the quality and the price tag perhaps not the same. In this occasion, I will try to let you know about my best razors from Gillette. If you curious, read the article till the end.

1. 100 7 O'clock Double Edge Safety Razor Blades – by Gillette

7 O’clock double safety razor blades by Gillette well-known by people out there. This product also can find easily on the market. The packaging came up in a light green colour and guess what? You can get 100 blades if you purchase this 7 o’clock double razor blades by Gillette. As you can see in the picture, there are 5 tucks per line. Meanwhile, the line divided become 4 lines. And there are 20 tucks in total in one packaging. For the blades itself, the total is 100 blades because there are 5 blades per tuck.
How about the price tag? Well, it’s just for $17.75 after discount. The normal price tag is $21.79. Not totally matter if its in promo or not. Because the truth you can get 100 blades and you can change the blade every time after using.
All blades made of stainless steel which known a bit hard to rust. To maintain the blades, kindly don’t put the blades under running water frequently. I mean, after cleaning up the blade, please dry it with a towel. Thus, keep the blade inside your stash or box. If you want to use the same blade next time, you can dump the blade. It is up to you.
Gillette safety razor blades in 7 o’clock model are one of man's fave. It became their fave because of the result no in doubt. Gillette can do the best to groom the beard and providing close and smooth results.

2. Double Edge Men's Razor Blade, Platinum Plus, 9 Count, Mens Razors / Blades – by Gillette

Gillette platinum plus double edge blade is the next Gillette safety razor blades. It came up in silver packaging and the blade itself in silver colour. As you can see in the picture, this blade isn’t the same as the previous product. In this model, there is one blade only inside, not 100.
The silver colour built-in suitable for who loves the classic model. The quality still no doubt, it delivers also the close and smooth results. Moreover, this type fits all double razor. It means, you still can use the razor into another brand, not only Gillette. As long as this Gillette platinum next to you, you’re able to get the best result.
Gillette founded in 1901. It’s been so long, more than 10 decades already. But the popularity and existence still the same until now. People still love Gillette and have chosen Gillette as their razor inside their shavers.